• Kristin and Gerrie Kotze
    Kristin and Gerrie Kotze
    “We were introduced to Roland by our good friend and neighbour.  We had already found a house we were interested in purchasing.  Roland helped us come up with an offer that was within our budget.  In the end we got the house!  We then had to sell our current townhouse fairly quickly.  Roland had a floorplan drawn up and hired professional photographers to take beautiful photos of our home.  All the services he provided to market our home resulted in a solid offer in less than a week, even before the open house! He still went ahead with the open house, just in case the offer fell through.  Roland also has wonderful contacts for all other aspects of buying/selling, such as a notary, mortgage broker, home inspector and many more.  Roland was such a huge help throughout the entire process and helped to alleviate any stress we were feeling.  We would recommend Roland to anyone!” Kristin and Gerrie Kotze
  • Simon & Caroline
    Simon & Caroline
    “Connie and Roland: Thank you very much for your excellent work and assistance in this process.  You surpassed our expectations with your professionalism and made it easy for us.  Please thank your whole team, I’m sure there was lots of work we’re not even aware of.” ~ Simon & Caroline
  • Takaya Ueda
    Takaya Ueda
    I have worked with Roland with buying home twice and selling once. When buying a property Roland did all the groundwork and all I had to do was read papers and sign. He made everything simple for me and made the home buying experience fun. When it came to selling, Roland and his team put a lot of work into selling my home. Roland is professional realtor (obviously); he marketed my home at every venue possible with great strategy. His team is made of professionals. Photographer and drafter took great photos and made accurate layout of my place. When I was browsing at other realtor’s listings, I often saw listings with no photos or very badly taken photos that doesn’t leave good impression of the property to me. For those properties I didn’t bother to look further or go to the open house. Thus, it made me wonder, how many potential buyers are lost by having badly taken photos or not having a layout of a place? Roland on the other hand marketed my home so that it gave good impression to people searching; stirred enough interest so that they will come to the open house. Traffic I had at my open house was more than I had imagined, which led to successful sale of my home.
  • Kevin Girard

    Our family have been in the real estate market for 5 years and in that time Roland has helped us through 3 purchases and 2 sales. In each purchase it has been a multiple bidder situation where Roland,s expertise and strategy allowed us to win at the price that we wanted and by listening to his  advice we have never failed to win a property when we used him as our realtor. On the sales he has put together very comprehensive marketing plans to get potential buyers through the doors and has gotten us a great price each time and on schedule. Roland is insightful, thoughtful and experiences.

    I highly recommend him as a real estate advisor to any family looking to buy or sell.


  • Dr. Ron Uppal

    Roland Kym is one of the most detailed and knowledgeable real estate agents I know. I have known Roland for 5,5 years and he is always giving me info on the latest trends in real estate and what the future holds for real estate. This allows me to be able to make more educated decisions on my needs. Roland uses very effective and latest trends for marketing. He works hard for his clients and will do whatever it takes to make his clients get the best deal and he always keeps great connection with me and my family even if we are not in need of his services. He has helped others I know with their real estate needs and all of these people have always said he has gone above and beyond of what they thought their real estate agent would do for them.

    Thanks Roland for being so diligent and caring for what you do 

  • Anna Kouwenberg

    I first met Roland when I can as a guest to a networking group he was a member of, a local BNI chapter, and my initial impression was that this was a guy that was going places – he appeared focused, driven and you could see that he wanted that for those around him as well. Fast forward 3 years and now we’re both members of that networking group. Now that I’ve had the chance to get to know him as a fellow member and having him as a client I can attest to the fact that my initial impression of him was bang on.

    From getting to know Roland I can say with confidence that he works harder than any Realtor that I’ve met to make sure his clients get the best service. He has a proven method that he uses for all clients whether large or small – they all get the same great service. And the success doesn’t stop there, he has genuine care for his fellow business connections and doesn’t hesitate to help them succeed as well.

    It’s been a pleasure to have him as a client and get to know him both professionally and as a friend. I look forward to that continued relationship for years to come!

  • Dwayne Deverill
    Dwayne Deverill

    Hi Roland,

    I would just like to take this time to say thank you for making the sale of my house painless and easy. You went the extra mile when it came to your professional honesty and open approach to some different systems and techniques that I was not used to in other more traditional realty transactions that I have had in the past. Your selling systems and innovative and up to date approach proved to me why this was a successful sale. I would not hesitate to recommend your realty services in the future to friends and family.

    Thanks Dwayne Deverill

  • Gilles, Brunet

    “Roland helped me work through the first time buyer process and find the right home for me. He made the process fun and as stress free as possible. I strongly recommend Roland to anyone purchasing a home.”

    Gilles, Brunet

  • Mahdi

    I would like to sincerely thank Roland kym for helping me to purchase my first apartment in Vancouver.

    I experienced working with two other realtors for over six months before being referred to Roland. Roland’s professional manner in really listening to my needs, patience in addressing every concern of mine, organized approach in accommodating restrictions in my time schedule, integrity in giving honest opinion throughout the process, and his very friendly attitude are his career’s treasures. Roland’s professionalism is outstanding and working with him was a real pleasure.

    I will happily refer Roland to any friend of mine.

    Mahdi – November 2011

  • Susanne Lambert
    Susanne Lambert

    Letter of Recommendation for Roland |Kym Roland was exactly what I needed even before I firmly decided to purchase an apartment.

    I wanted someone to hold my hand at least initially and to feel comfortable in asking all questions and to guide me through the first steps of buying my own personal property. First and most importantly Roland presented me a professional Real Estate portfolio binder complete with all pertinent information on purchasing property – this was important to me as I was not familiar with real estate terms – hence I had all necessary data to refer to on my own, at my leisure and at my finger tips.

    With working full time I also needed quick and easy decisions as to where and when we would meet up to view properties – Roland was readily accessible and easily available to coordinate a time and place to meet and view the properties giving me much appreciated advise on the possible transactions. Once we found the right apartment for me Roland was prompt in summarizing the required documentation, carefully going over the important items to ensure my understanding. He was organized, resourceful and attended to all of my needs AND matched this with congratulatory gifts along the way. I hope to do business with Roland and highly recommend him for all your Real Estate needs.

    Susanne Lambert

  • Emel and Travis
    Emel and Travis

    “We are so grateful for Roland’s assistance in finding our first home in 2011. We are a young couple and having rented for a few years were fresh on the home buying scene! Following an introduction from a friend, we met with Roland and were immediately very pleased with his professional yet personable approach to the home buying experience. He presented us with a binder outlining the steps for completing a purchase and put us at ease for what I am sure for many is a very bewildering experience. Throughout the process of searching Roland was always available to chat and very quick to respond to our many requests to view potential properties. We spent many an evening and Saturday driving around with Roland from place to place and he was always very patient and we never felt pressured to make a rush decision at any point. Not to mention, the treats Roland always had for us – cookies, water bottles, candy – were really a nice touch. We really appreciated Roland’s tips and feedback on various properties and locations which we likely would have overlooked without his guidance. After only a few months we found the apartment we had been looking for – in the right location with all the checkboxes marked off. Roland was able to negotiate a very favourable price and we were and still are so pleased with the outcome!! Upon our arrival to our new home, Roland hadvery thoughtfully left a welcome package for us complete with painting set, step stool and some other treats. Even following the completion of sale, Roland has been available to answer any concerns/questions of ours which, to first time home buyers, has been a great relief. When we turned to him for help with our property tax notice he was very quick to respond and cleared up our confusion right away. Roland’s down to earth approach really makes you feel like you are working with a friend that you can trust and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to anybody looking to purchase a home.

    Thank you Roland, for all your help with our purchase!!”

    Cheers, Emel and Travis

  • Roeina and Rod
    Roeina and Rod

    Roland’s ability to customize home-buying information based on our needs made us feel confident throughout the entire process.

    He was timely, efficient, professional and always had our best interests in mind. We’re thrilled with our new home – it’s perfect for us.

    Roeina and Rod

  • Jackson& Vanessa
    Jackson& Vanessa

    Kudos from a happy client Hi Roland, Vanessa and I wouldlike to thank you for your excellent service throughout the listing of ourapartment and purchase of a larger unit. Without your dedication and level of servicethe process would have been a much more stressful endeavor. We appreciated your thoughtful and timely advice. Needless to say we were ecstaticonce the subjects were removed on our listing and are happily moved into ournew unit. Thanks again Roland for going above and beyond our expectations!

    Sincerely Jackson& Vanessa, March 2012

  • Faiz & Suzy

    This was the second purchase for which we have used Roland’s services. His organization and professionalism were second to none and was something my wife and I truly valued due to our hectic work schedules. As such, his flexibility was greatly appreciated. Not only did he make himself available during all times of the day, he did so with our best interests in mind. We have been thrilled with the services provided by Roland and would not hesitate to use him again going forward.

    Faiz & Suzy

  • Cathy Jensen

    have worked with Roland Kym for two years now and from our first introduction was impressed by his commitment to his clients and his unique approach to marketing.

    Recently, I had the opportunity to do business with Roland as my realtor and was very impressed with his knowledge and negotiation skills. I wholeheartedly believe that Roland got me the best price possible on my property. I greatly appreciated his integrity and guidance throughout the buying process. I felt very comfortable asking any and all questions, and Roland was quick to find an answer to all of them. Roland was also able to recommend other professional services that I required, and all were a pleasure to work wi th. It was a pleasure doing business with Roland and I would gladly recommend him to anyone who is looking to purchase either their first home or investment properties as I know he would provide excellent personalized service that would meet a variety of needs. I will, without hesitation, use Roland’s services again in the future.


    Cathy Jensen

    Cathy Registered Holistic Nutritionist Little Green Co

  • Bill & Mae H Mae and Bill Haight

    To all future sellers of your home or buying a new one,

    Our experience with having Roland Kym from REMAX as our realtor was a great feeling of ‘trust’. When one has been in the same home for over 25 years, it is a huge decision to move especially when we have been out of the real estate market for so many years. With Roland as our realtor the transition went very smooth. We were at peace of mind knowing Roland was there for our best interest. His method of introducing our home to the real estate market was fabulous on paper and the internet. Even with a few hiccups we had on the way everything was handled very professionally. Not only did Roland sell our home, he is also responsible for finding our present home we now live in. Roland goes above the rest by giving us these wonderful black binders with loads of information that we found very helpful. We do recommend Roland to others who are selling their home or looking to buy.

    Thank you Roland for all your help in selling our home.

    Bill & Mae H Mae and Bill Haight

  • Joel Jacques

    Roland did a great job in finding places for us to look at that suited our taste. He made very good use of our time by not showing us units that did not fit our specific criteria. Roland did not waste time in showing us new product on the market so we could see it before to many other prospective buyers. He worked very hard at trying to find the best deal for us, we felt involved through out the process, and ended up with an apartment that we absolutely loved. When we were ready to sell Roland worked hard at marketing the unit and got us a very good price, and quickly in a cooler market. I trust that Roland puts more effort into his work than most and am very satisfied with the results.

    Joel Jacques

  • Konstantine

    “I am very thankful to Roland for helping me purchase my first apartment in Vancouver. I was a bit scared and nervous about buying a first property, but thanks to Roland it was pretty easy and quite enjoyable thing to do!

    After many properties we seen together he helped me find a right one that best suited my budget and expectations. I highly recommend Roland to anyone who is looking to buy a property. Once again, thank you Roland.”


  • Jagdish & Pooja Ruprell
    Jagdish & Pooja Ruprell

    We are happy to have selected Roland as our realtor to help us sell our home as well as buy our new home.

    While selling his clear communication and management of expectations were very helpful. Roland negotiated the terms of the deal effectively and helped us complete the process to satisfaction despite some challenges in dealing with the buyer’s realtor.

    On the buy side – he helped narrow down our search and guided us through the process competently and effectively; his assistance and professionalism clearly distinguish him from other realtors we have worked with in the past.

    We are happy to recommend Roland’s services to anyone looking for a professional and effective realtor in the lower mainland.

    Jagdish & Pooja Ruprell

  • Paula and Wayne Anderson
    Paula and Wayne Anderson

    Roland delivered exactly what he said he would and in the timelines he predicted. We sold and bought our new home with Roland at the helm guiding us as we had not sold nor bought as a couple before. Roland’s marketing is unique and brought us many viewers through his open houses, beautifully coloured brochures, signage, and those water bottles were so popular but the bags of M&M’s with a great picture of our home on them were priceless. Roland’s enthusiasm and confidence made us feel at ease and we would call upon his services if we ever moved in future and 100% endorse him to our friends and colleagues.

    Paula and Wayne Anderson

  • Ross and Patti Regan
    Ross and Patti Regan

    ” My wife and I were very pleased with the service Roland provided when selling our home. We had tried to sell our home a few years ago and had a very negative experience and were reluctant to go through that again. From our first meeting with Roland it was clear he was a “Real Estate Professional”, he did an outstanding job giving us advice and marketing our home that sold in a short period for a very good price. I would certainly recommend Roland to anyone who is interested in buying or selling home, his knowledge,commitment and care went a long way to make this a pleasurable experience.”

    Ross and Patti Regan

  • Bruce and Lynda Thomson
    Bruce and Lynda Thomson

    We wanted to thank Roland for his professional handling of our condominium sale. Roland developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to make the most of our property in a difficult market. Our communications with Roland were clear and concise resulting in a plan that we were comfortable with and eventually ended in a sale. Roland was very good at listening to our issues and concerns being able to translate these into a clear direction forward. We would certainly recommend Roland as a realtor to our friends and family.

    Bruce and Lynda Thomson

  • Sonya, Simon, and Yvonne Baldock
    Sonya, Simon, and Yvonne Baldock

    A lovely testimonial to my servicesThank you Roland, you’ve been wonderful in helping us through the process of purchasing our first home. As you know, our situationwas unique in that we required a house that would be two homes in one. My husband’s mother needed her own private suite as we needed ours. Of course, she and we would not just take any old suite. Both units of the house needed to be light, with big windows, airy, up to date, with a great layout, move-in ready, and we even threw in the curve ball of limiting the area we would consider living in to two… well, okay, really only one area we truly wanted. You showed such passion for your work. You searched and sent options. You checked up on homes before you showed them to us, so that you could help us avoid too many disappointing viewings. You were available at all times. You worked hard. You worked long hours. I haven’t even begun to speak about your process of teaching and advising and giving great information.

    Basically, you delivered. It truly took effort on your part to help us find, price, and get the best home ever!

    We sincerely thank you.

    Sonya, Simon, and Yvonne Baldock

  • Debbie Fonseca

    Roland Kym helped me through the purchase of my first home. He began by putting together various reading packages to introduce me to the world of real estate and was able to turn a very overwhelming experience into something much more manageable. By breaking down the process into a few easy steps, he relieved several anxieties and helped me stay focused making the journey a much more enjoyable one.

    As a first time buyer, I was looking for someone who could hold my hand through the various rollercoaster of emotions associated with purchasing a home, and Roland was that person. He was always available to answer my questions or direct me to the right people when he did not have the answer. I was also always amazed at how flexible and accommodating Roland was to make himself available around my hectic schedule. I felt supported and actively involved throughout the process but most importantly felt that I could trust him as someone who had my best interest at heart and was actively working behind the scenes to ensure that I was properly informed at all times. His method of marketing and advertising (water bottles, gum packages and candy packages) were unique but quite effective, allowing me to easily introduce him to others. Despite his openness with me as a client, he always maintained an adequate level of professionalism making him not only easy to work with him but also easy to refer him with confidence to all my friends and family.My experience working with him is that he takes the initiative to ensure an effortless process and thus I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home.

    Debbie Fonseca

  • Lauren & Justin
    Lauren & Justin

    Working with Roland to buy our first home was a total pleasure. As first-time buyers, he was really helpful in walking us through the process and being very available to answer our many questions. He listened to our requirements, and did a great job of suggesting a variety of options that could be a good fit for us. It was really helpful to see what else was available and made us feel very confident in our final choice. He worked hard to negotiate a good deal for us, and helped us set realistic expectations. Even post-purchase, Roland has been a big help, suggesting vendors and answering questions. We would definitely recommend Roland to friends and family!

    Lauren & Justin

  • Jessie & Steve

    Where to begin when looking to purchase your first place? Literally, where to begin? We didn’t know either until we got a referral from a friend who recommended us to Roland in February of this year. It was a simple email that started it all. We had no idea what the process of purchasing a placed entailed, but Roland and the Right Priced Reality Team made it simple. We were most impressed with organization and efficiency of the team. We were most worried about purchasing a place that we would quickly outgrow but within a week, we found our dream home. It was exactly what we had hoped for and more. There were several other places we were considering but with careful thought and coaching from Roland, we made the right decision. To this day, we are more than happy with our new place. We highly recommend Roland the the Right Priced Realty to all our friends and family. You won’t be disappointed!


    Jessie & Steve

  • David Barwin
    David Barwin

    Roland was easy to work with and very responsive. We had a few false starts in the search for our new home and each time Roland was there keeping us informed with what the market was doing. When we did resume our search Roland was extremely flexible to our schedules and provided valuable insight into the kinds of properties we were looking at. Ultimately we did find our home and are grateful for Roland’s guidance throughout the purchasing process.


    David Barwin

  • Ivan Volkhin
    Ivan Volkhin

    Roland was recommended to me by several of my friends, that have purchased and sold properties through him. I was not disappointed although it took me several years to purchase a property Roland stayed in touch and finally when i got my funds together he manager to show me over 30 properties in two weekends, very impressive. Also the whole buying process was a extremely simple Roland took care of pretty much every thing. I will absolutely use his services in my next purchase and i have already recommended him to all of friends.


    Ivan Volkhin

  • Gaynor

    “Roland was recommended by a friend; he was very professional & answered all questions with great depth in a timely fashion. Not only was Roland very helpful, he helped sell my home extremely fast, I was very impressed and would recommend him to anyone who would like to buy or sell a home. He also sent great parting gifts to help me with my move and continued to follow-up and see how I was doing.”


  • Tyler Jang
    Tyler Jang

    Buying my first condo was exciting, but I was lost when it came down to where to start. I was referred to Roland and had no idea what to expect, having never worked with a realtor before. When I first met him, his professional and thoughtful attitude instantly made me comfortable and at ease. With Roland’s 3-stage buying plan he was able to walk me through the whole process and answer any questions I had. From the time I decided to start looking for a condo, to the time I put the first offer in, it was only a couple weeks. The two weeks flew by and couldn’t have gone smoother. The process of buying my first place was an all around awesome experience. I’ve been living in my new place for almost two months now and I am very happy with it. I will definitely recommend Roland to anyone who is looking to buy or sell and wants exceptional service.

    Thanks Roland!

    Tyler Jang

  • Lincoln Chan

    Roland Kym is one of the most professional, organized, thorough and thoughtful realtors I have ever come across. He worked tirelessly to help me and my family find the perfect home to fit both our needs and budget. Roland is the kind of realtor that will go the extra mile to ensure that the home-buying process is as smooth as possible. He took the time to work through every detail with me and my family and left no stone unturned. It was a great pleasure working with Roland and I would be happy to recommend him to anyone thinking of buying a home.

    Thanks Roland!

    Lincoln Chan

  • Jordan Brown & Janine Horsley

    We had the privilege of working with Roland Kym as our realtor when we were looking to purchase a condo in the Vancouver area. We both lived and worked full time in Whistler, so our availability to come down and view condos was very limited. There were many times when Roland was able to set up a tour on very short notice and his flexibility made it very easy for us. We weren’t sure exactly where in Vancouver we wanted to live, so the knowledge that Roland possesses about the market and the different areas was a huge help. This was our first experience buying a home, and we could not have asked for a better realtor to guide us through the process. He really made us feel comfortable from our first day and was honest with us throughout. Roland was very patient with us as we viewed dozens of different places all over Vancouver to find the perfect place for us… and we did! I highly recommend choosing Roland Kym as your realtor next time you’re looking to buy a home.

    Jordan Brown & Janine Horsley

  • Bob Zerner

    I’ve known Roland Kym since 2009. He is the hardest working & honest Realtor that I know. Roland also looks after some properties while I am in Australia traveling for at least half of the year.

    Roland is a man who strives for perfection in business and for achieving amazing results for his clients. In order to do this Roland is always taking courses, reading business related books and conversing regularly with a business coach. He is a top performer in his field as a result of his dedication to clients and attention to detail. I would recommend Roland to anyone buying or selling residential property in Vancouver. You can feel confident in his hands.

    Bob Zerner

  • Jill Jacques

    “ Roland, Having worked with you on 3 purchases now, I can’t thank you enough for the care, time, and expertise you provided & continue to provide on an ongoing basis. I feel you are my life long realtor. Anytime I have market inquiries, I call you and regardless of how busy you are, you find the time to professionally answer my real estate concerns in a timely fashion with integrity. Having been a realtor for 19 years, I understand the dedication required to service clients in a patient & thourough manner. In all 3 of my purchases, I recognize that you negotiated far better value for me, than even I would have for myself. I will refer friends & family your way, allowing them the benefit of your honest & professional service. Thank you so much.

    Warm regards,

    Jill Jacques

  • Heather

    ” I was hesitant to use Roland as my Realtor because his wife, Jessica, is my closest friend. I always worry about mixing business and pleasure but figured I would give Roland the opportunity to “pitch me” and go from there. Within an hour, I was completely sold on Roland (pardon the pun!) He was so incredibly professional – from providing me with a personalized binder to help explain the process and recommend other services to support me in my plans, to helping me narrow down my “wish list” and making the process so easy for me. As a first time home buyer, there were so many unknowns for me, but Roland kept me at ease every step of the way and was there for any questions I had. I am absolutely honored to recommend Roland to anyone – new buyer, seasoned seller, new parent or grandparent. Roland’s personal touches, professional demeanor, extensive knowledge and attention to detail are second to none. I can’t thank him enough for his support and success in helping me buy my first home – all while being a brand new Daddy! Thank you – I appreciate you so very much and absolutely LOVE my new home. “

  • Chris N. Coutts
    Chris N. Coutts

    I have been associated with Roland since April of this year and have had an opportunity to discuss at length his philosophy regarding real estate. The level of professional service and reliability which he displays is of the highest caliber. His consistently cheerful demeanor and clear willingness to overcome any challenge is refreshing in today’s martketplace. 

    Having attended one of Roland’s open houses I can say that the information regarding the listing, the welcoming atmosphere and his instant answers to any queries regarding the property were evidence that Roland does his due diligence prior to any questions being asked. He has the right answers at his beck and call, in an informal and personable manner.    

    The fact that Roland has taken the time to devise a system which shows quick results is ample evidence to recommend him. In an profession where results are required but by no means provided by the rank and file of ordinary realtors. Roland really steps it up several notches. 

    Based on my experice with Roland I would whole-heartedly recommend him and his firm to any discerning individual considering a real property transaction, and in fact, plan on using him in my next one.

    09 JULY 2010

  • Clay Bick
    Clay Bick


    “From a friend I was referred to Roland and after sitting down and speaking with him for the first time I immediately got an impression of trust and confidence in his capabilities.  His structured guideline system eliminates any confusion and allows for smooth transitions between buying process steps.  I am a very pleased client as I now have my first home that I really enjoy.  I will definitely be working with Roland again in the future and have recommended his business to my friends.

    Clay Bick- Buyer August 2010

  • Ian & Jessica
    Ian & Jessica

    “First off, I would like to thank you for your limit-less time that you spent with me and Jess throughout the process of us finding our first home. We went through a few search changes, a few location changes but you stuck right through us as we went from one side of the spectrum all the way to another side of the spectrum, right back to the first side… Your patience and continued enthusiasm will be a testament to your success.

    Your advice to us was always thought through, and catered to what our needs were, giving us confidence to make big decisions and to finally make the biggest leap in removing subjects. We are truly excited about the space and the future that we will have there and it was only because of your care, and passion for this work, that saw us through to our perfect match.

    Thanks again, for all your work, and for the care package. It was an awesome surprise.”

    Cheers, Ian & Jessica – September 2010

  • Branko Vrbic
    Branko Vrbic

    “I am very thankful to Roland for helping me purchase my first condo. It’s not only that he offered his expertise in the real-estate but also patience and ability to address every concern that I had. His responses on all my inquiries were every quick, highly professional and helpful. At the outset of the transaction he explained to me all details of the whole process with all pros and cons, so that I was able to make informed decisions. And again, at the every stage of the process he was there to help by given advice, addressing with the vendors’ realtor all concerns I had and putting me in touch skilled professionals, such as mortgage and insurance brokers. I am very happy with the outcome. Thank you Roland.”

    Branko Vrbic – October 2010

  • Jen Geddes
    Jen Geddes

    “I always thought buying a condo on my own in Vancouver was unattainable.  It seemed to be an overwhelming process and I was happy renting a tiny place in Coal Harbour until I met with Roland at Right Priced Realty.  Roland educated me on each step of the buying process and broke it down into easy steps.  Within 2 weeks of our initial meeting, I had an accepted offer on a beautiful place!  I thoroughly enjoyed working with Roland and felt he was looking out for my best interests throughout the process.  He was getting married at the same time my deal was closing and the fact that he was still devoted to me as a client was very impressive! His warm approach, quick response time and dedication is to be commended.

    I have already referred family and friends who are equally happy with the level of service and dedication from Right Priced Realty.  I am one happy customer in a place I can truly call “Home”!”

    Jen Geddes-October 2010

  • Carrie and Brad

    “We were first time buyers in a market that is large and pricings all over the map.  We initially were searching ourselves through MLS and other online sites and never seemed to find anything we truly wanted to make a move on.  Then, through referral, we met with Roland.  Roland sat down with us and went through his 3-step action plan with us and then guided us from our initial wants and needs, from our first offer and finally to our  purchase, a beautiful condo in a location that could not be beat.

    We cannot say enough of Roland’s professional attitude and dedication towards us and also towards other realtors that were around when we were out looking at places.

    We have already referred Roland’s services to friends who are searching for a larger home and they too are happy with the expertise that has been provided to them.

    We love our new home and can’t thank Roland enough.

    We really appreciate everything you did for us, if there is anything you need from us just let us know!!


    Carrie and Brad 2010

  • Dave & Mirjana Baspaly
    Dave & Mirjana Baspaly

    My wife and I recently bought our new home through Roland. We had a fantastic experience. Clearly, there are many factors involved in the successful sale of a home today but to us Roland Kym and his tactical advise was key to our success. We received excellence service and support. Most importantly, he was able to secure the house of our dreams for far below the asking price. It is amazing what you can do with a little common sense and some professional guidance. Roland makes the buying process easy and effortless. We saved a tremendous amount of time and money and would not hesitate to use this service again or recommend it to our friends!

    2011- Dave & Mirjana Baspaly

  • Jason Veen
    Jason Veen

    This was the 2nd time I have worked with Roland and was my first choice without a doubt.  He had a very clear plan on how he was going to sell my home, kept me well informed and was able to sell the property within a week.  The marketing tools that were outlined to me were well beyond my expectations which in tern, eased my nerves and made selling my home extremely easy.  I would 100% recommend Roland to anyone who is buying or selling.  He is patient, professional, personable and really listens to his clients needs.  For the 2nd time I am more that happy with Roland and will keep him as my agent for life.”

    Jason Veen 2011


  • Ciro and Fernanda Gentile
    Ciro and Fernanda Gentile

    To whom it may concern:

    We have recently sold our home with the assistance of Roland Kym. He listed, marketed and successfully sold our home at the  intended price. Roland was professional, knowledgeable, available, and extremely patient. We felt that our interests were being met and looked after above all else, which is refreshing and comforting in such a competitive industry. His methods were innovative and he had some creative aspects to his marketing. We now look forward to working with Roland in finding that special home that we intend to purchase in the near future. We will not hesitate in recommending his services to our friends.

    Thank you Roland,… keep up the good work!

  • Sonja Curry
    Sonja Curry

    It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial letter for Roland Kym with Remax Realty.I’ve referred clients to Roland and each one has been so impressed by his thoroughness and willingness to “go the extra mile”.His research is complete and he consistently follows up with all the professionals involved in his client’s transactions to ensure the client has the best experience possible.When I refer clients to Roland, regardless of their real estate needs, I know they are in the best hands possible.Roland is the ultimate real estate professional. He works very hard to keep on top of the ever-changing real estate market conditions and how best to market and sell his clients listings as quickly as possible, and find the right home and best price for his purchasing clients

  • Shelley Lecerf
    Shelley Lecerf

    “I’ve known Roland for about four years. During that time, I’ve consistently seen Roland work hard for his clients in a very systematic and approachable manner and he has always provided me with great answers to any of my real estate concerns.

    I recently referred Roland to a business associate and her husband. He was quick to respond to their needs and helped them sell their condo in a timely manner for a good price. They were happy with the results and I looked for recommending such a professional realtor.

    My business associate and I will both gladly recommend Roland’s Services to others in the future.

  • Justin P.
    Justin P.

    We recently just sold our apartment and bought a house with Roland as our realtor for both deals.  It was a great experience all the way through as he is very professional, responsive and willing to offer his honest opinions…he is most certainly not just there to get the deal done and move on.

    Anyway, we are very happy with quality of service Roland provided, and we will be doing business with Roland the next time we make a real estate move.

  • Asma Kassam
    Asma Kassam

     have known Roland just over a year now. It didn’t take me long to realize that he is extremely dedicated to his profession. His knowledge and professionalism are 2 qualities that make him a great Realtor, but more so I admire his honesty and ability to shed light on areas that should be given attention.

     When one of my personal training clients said she wanted to sell her house but had some questions on the market,  Roland was the first person to come to mind and I was confident his knowledge coupled with his willingness to advise others on the housing market would be beneficial to my client. 

    Roland was quick to contact my client. She was extremely grateful for the information he provided and it wasn’t long before she called Roland to put her house on the market. My client was very happy with Rolands service,  and also his connections to other service providers (renovations, etc).  

    Roland definitely goes the extra mile to ensure his clients have a positive home buying /selling experience! Thanks for providing my client with excellent service! 

    Asma Kassam,  BHK 
    Kinesiologist &  Personal Trainer 


  • Deborah H.
    Deborah H.

    I first came across Roland’s name from an advertising brochure. The information was so well laid out, explaining his marketing techniques, and how he would look after his client’s needs, that I filed it away in case I needed a good realtor. Sure enough, six months later, I decided to downsize out of a mortgage, and gave Roland a call. When he arrived for our interview, he came with a client information binder with lots of information in easy to find sections that described the sales and purchase process with many handy references and examples of his promotional materials. Roland explained his methods, and carefully listened to my needs and concerns. He helped me get my home ready for sale and photography. His support team is equally helpful, considerate, friendly and professional at all times. My condo sold in less than two weeks; and my neighbours were amazed, as typically units in my building take 3 months to sell. After the sale, I received an update information package for my binder from Roland that explained what the next steps in the sales procedure were. We are now in the process of making an offer on my new home, and with every step I know that Roland is supporting my best interests, and making sure I stay within my budgetary comfort zone. – Deborah H.


  • Neil and Susanne Gray
    Neil and Susanne Gray

    ★★★★★ Roland recently sold our Yaletown apartment and we had an absolutely wonderful experience. We were referred to Roland by a business associate and are so glad that we followed her recommendation.

    Roland made the sales process seem effortless. His expertise ensured that our apartment was priced right and all promotional materials were very appealing and professionally designed. Roland’s efficiency ensured a fast and successful sale of the apartment. It was a great pleasure working with him and we will be highly recommending him! – Neil and Susanne Gray

  • Bruce T.
    Bruce T.

    Roland presented us with a written selling strategy for our condominium and he followed that strategy until the unit was sold. We felt that Roland listened carefully to our concerns and issues then incorporated them into his strategy. Communication with Roland was good and we felt we were part of a team effort to make the sale. We would recommend Roland to our friends.- Bruce T.

  • Ian Chan
    Ian Chan

    Find a new home for a first-time home buyer in the heart of Vancouver. Sound impossible? 

    Roland guided us through our search as it spanned changing criteria and locations. But he patiently advised us on how to proceed, and would give us a kick-in-the-butt when he knew it was a great opportunity to find us a home.  

    Through it all, we enjoyed every bit of the process as it got us to our home, smack in our desired neighborhood and we couldn’t be happier!~ Ian Chan

  • Scott & Jill Lindsay
    Scott & Jill Lindsay

    We knew we weren’t ready to buy our first home, but wanted some guidance about the real estate market overall. Roland met with us several times over three years to help us get to know the areas we might be interested in and help us prepare to buy. When the time came to start actually looking, he was beyond fantastic. He is one of those rare people who can share his expertise and help guide you, but can at the same time empower you to know what you truly want and need. Can’t imagine better support during a completely new experience for us. ~ Scott & Jill Lindsay

  • Brad Wray
    Brad Wray

    “Roland is an experienced researched realtor who looks for the next opportunity to invest. I have enjoyed a few investment successes under his care. Looking forward to the next one. I am confident to refer business to him as I know he will provide great service and advice.”