Roland and his team specialize in selling homes just like yours.

They are listing experts that have designed a marketing plan to maximize your sale price and minimize the time on the market. Roland personally transacted over 85 properties in 2015.

The Marketing & Action Plan to Sell Your Home

Staging,  Photography, Touch Ups & Pricing Strategy:

1.Compose a SMART Plan of Action:
  • I will explain & outline all the steps required to get your home listed properly and sold effectively.
2.Coordinate touch-ups,property upgrades & house care activities:
  • I will help get your home looking its best and ready for sale a.s.a.p.
3.Hire & Provide an Interior Decorator/Stager consultation:
  • I will help better educate you on how to best present your home based on your time & budget.
4.Source or purchase all the required strata or city documents for your home:
  • I will purchase and prepare all the documents that any future buyer will need.
5.CMA- Comparative Market Analysis of your property:
  • I will provide you with a professional and well-researched comparative market analysis to formulate a true market valuation for your home & establish a competitive list price.
  • I will ensure a professional photographer takes beautiful photos of your home to ensure it is showcased well and distinguished from the competition. These pictures will be used in all the marketing and promotional materials, from print to web as well as custom & innovative methods.



1.Custom designed for sale sign:* (If allowed by strata or zoning bylaws). 
  • This custom Keller Williams sign will instantly attract buyers to your listing.
2.Text for Info Sign:*
3.Directional signs: *
4.Flyer display box:*


Leading Edge Marketing & Promotional tools:

1.Snack Packs & Water Bottles:


  • Another great and innovative way to promote your property. These are given out at open houses, within brokerages and in other unique ways to advertise and sell your home.
2.Targeted Print Mail Out
3.Open House Flyers
4.Email marketing campaign
5.Floor Plan Design:


  •  I will have a professional measurement company take accurate measurements of your home. This gives buyers a better understanding of your home, the layout and how it could work for them.


Online Marketing & Web Listings:

1.MLS listing:
  • This is an integral part in allowing the public to see nearly all the properties for sale.
2.Craigslist & other private for sale postings
3.Facebook Ad for your Listing:
4.Newsprint Advertisement:
5.Blog, website, Twitter, Facebook, real estate websites:
  • I will showcase your home on numerous internet sites and social media outlets. Through the use of Keller Williams websites, my personal website and real-estate websites and on www.rightpricedrealty.commany more!

 Open House Program:

1.Agents open in first two weeks* if available:
2.Open house every two/three weeks:
  • I will arrange regular open houses to showcase your property on weekends, giving the general public and your neighbours (all people who might know your future buyer!) ample opportunity to view your home.
3.Collection of feedback on buyers reaction and thoughts:
4.Track Showings & collection of information:
  • I will gather the names and contact information from prospective buyers during our open houses and from private showings. This will foster a safe environment for your listing and also provide me with the contact information to follow-up with all prospects.

 Listing Management :

1.10-day  Listing summary & seller updates
2.1-month Listing summary & seller updates
3.3-month Listing evaluation & seller updates
  • It is crucial that we have good & open communication. 
4.Show the property at times acceptable to the seller:
  • We will work together to ensure that your property is available and show it to all real estate agents.
5.Respond to consumer inquires & coordinated with agents:
6.Review contracts of purchase & sale submitted for the sellers consideration:
  • Once we receive an offer, I will review all the terms & conditions with you to ensure we respond with an appropriate counter offer in a timely fashion.
7.Assisting the seller in negotiating favourable terms and conditions with a buyer:
  • This is a crucial step in the selling process. I am committed to negotiating the best terms possible for my clients and will work tirelessly to ensure you achieve the best deal possible. 

Custom listing sheets:

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