Thinking of Buying?


You are about to embark on the wonderful adventure of owning your own home. This will likely be your single biggest purchase to date. Owning your own home has historically proven to be the single best way of building personal wealth and equity. There are very few obligations in life as binding as a mortgage to guide you into saving, and your home is the only investment that you can live in and enjoy every day.

Working with a REALTOR to buy a property costs you nothing and the benefits are immeasurable. Not only will they save you thousands during negotiations, they will ensure the process is clear, transparent and fair. You will receive listings 2 days sooner than without a realtor and have an ally to support you in finding your next home.

Using a realtor to purchase a property does not cost you anything. It is actually quite the opposite and will save you thousands in the long run. It’s important for buyers to understand that the realtor who has listed the property has been hired by the homeowner to sell their home. Their main priority and obligation is to that client, not future buyers. The seller is responsible for paying a commission to each of the purchasing and selling agents.

Roland and his team have designed a custom buyers binder and process guide that is easy to follow. They go through a three stage buying process that takes you from thinking about buying, to looking at properties, writing offers, completing a home inspection, closing the sale and moving in. They’ll make sure the whole process is seamless for you!